Using Plate Magnets For Quality Control

Soup factory owners are concerned with quality control throughout their entire operation, and plate magnets play a significant role. Of chief importance is that the product is manufactured in a manner that it is safe for consumers. Mishaps can occur in factory conditions, and on occasion, foreign objects accidentally get into soup containers. Such mistakes can have devastating financial repercussions on a business that might otherwise produce a quality product. A properly staffed, scrupulous quality control department is the first step to ensuring that a company produces acceptable goods for their discerning customers; plate magnets are the second step.

Plate Magnets


In order to produce soup that is entirely free of metallic foreign debris, plate magnets are installed in the soup distribution chute. As the soup descends into containers, the magnets attract and collect any metallic objects or debris that may be present. Ideally, the equipment as well as the process is inspected by trained employees on a monthly basis to identify potential problems. A single equipment defect or fault could cause a major catastrophe by allowing metallic objects to get into an entire batch, and result in a loss of the soup and business revenue. However, careful maintenance and control can thwart potential disasters.

Plate magnets should be installed over chutes that are completely filled with soup. To ensure no foreign matter gets into the soup, the chutes should be entirely enclosed. A company’s investment is a soup chute is a necessity and worth the expense for quality production. Whether using a straight chute or a looping system, it is crucial that the plate magnets are located near the end of the process so that any and all magnetic matter can be extracted before the soup is deposited into containers.

Plate magnets are designed to remove all metallic debris from soup, whether nuts and bolts or tiny shards of metal from manufacturing machinery. Without these magnets, consumers would likely find such matter in commercial soups on a regular basis.

Factories are full of metal devices and flying debris, and such conditions are conducive to accidents. But proper maintenance and daily cleaning of plate magnets installed in soup chutes will ensure that a metal-free, quality product is available for consumers. Soup business owners and soup-lovers alike can applaud the technological advances in consumer safety with this innovative use of plate magnets.

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