Variety of Healing Methods by Todd Rutherford

In whatever form healing occur in sick people’s lives, whether physically, emotionally, spiritually; by natural or supernatural means one fact is clear, God heals through variety of ways.

In his book Be Healed! Challenges and Triumphs of Health and Healing,Dr. Samuel O. Enyia articulates the fact that since God has absolute control over all human circumstances and all health issues, He chooses the means and methods of healing. Some of the methods may include surgery, medicines, changes in attitude and environment, counseling, restorative natural processess or miraculously.

Dr. Enyia affirms the fact that Jesus healed every disease and sickness among the people with variety of methods in the gospels. He did not advocate a single pattern, approach, or uniform set of spiritual or natural laws or rules that had to be obeyed and applied as the only criteria to be met before healing occurs. Jesus did not set a precedent or a blueprint for all healing. No person was healed in precisely the same way as another. Each encounter had its own perculiarity and Jesus responded to the perculiar circumstance uniquely. In some instances, Jesus spoke a word, command to cast out a demon or evil spirits; a soft touch on a person; gave a helping hand, used mud and spit to open a blind person’s eyes, affirmed a person’s faith, spoke encouraging word, forgave a person’s sins, expressed compassion and emotion. He used diverse, unique and comprehensive methods that He deemed appropriate for each healing encounter.

Furthermore, Enyia makes it clear that understanding the principle of diversity of healing methods would be particularly useful to pastors, Bible teachers, ministers and those engaged in the ministry of intercessory prayer and healing. He provides them in very vivid ways tools and strategies that may help them minister more effectively and efficiently to the sick. They will find these methods in the book informative and fascinating. A must read.

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