Visiting Europe For Your Holidays 2011? Check Out These Cafes!

You literally cannot go anywhere these days without coming into view with a restaurant, pub, bar, deli or fast food joint. Its simply impossible. You could just as well visit Europe and go to McDonalds or some other place you usually go to, or you could check out some local eateries and foods that are available to you in these localized cultures.

Frankly, I am a big foodie and I love trying new foods, so this is a superb chance for me to visit holiday destinations to have fun, but it’s also an excuse to go out and eat some amazing food on my summer holidays. In order to find some holiday extras such as restaurants to visit, I have compiled a small list of a few places in each area you should eat at. The first list is for cafes and such:

– Les Deux Magots: Don’t let the name fool ya! This erstwhile literary haunt dates from 1914 and is known as the favoured hang-out of Sartre, Hemingway and Andr? Breton. Its name refers to the two magots (grotesque figurines) of Chinese dignitaries at the entrance. It’s touristy, but just once you can give in to the nostalgia and sit on this inimitable terrace where passing celebrities, retiring philosophers and remnants of noblesse sip it’s famous shop-made hot chocolate, served in porcelain jugs.

– Monster Mash: Monster Mash Classic British grub of the 1950s – bangers and mash, shepherd’s pie, fish and chips – is the mainstay of the menu at this nostalgia-fuelled caf?. But there’s a twist – the food is all top-quality nosh freshly prepared from local produce, including Crombie’s gourmet sausages. And there’s even a wine list!

– Artbridge Bookstore Caf?: This is a comfy, arty caf? behind a bookstore which sells concert and drama tickets. The food is reasonably priced, the d?cor is very European and there are even nonsmoking tables. Foodwise you can’t go wrong with their excellent French toast but the sandwiches and pastas we tried were mediocre for the price.

– Babal?: More inviting than your own living room, this new caf? is ?bercute (if smoky). It only sells tea, coffee, hot chocolate and the odd cr?pe, but once you’ve settled into one of its snug corners you won’t want to move. In summer there’s occasional live music. Good for: Romance, atmosphere, food, Budget Travellers, Groups, Solo Travellers, service, Families it’s said to be one of the coziest cafes in this area – and it’s true!

For an even better bet, and to spend money on great food and not have to worry about if you are going to run out of money, I would suggest that before you book your holidays 2011 that you take some time to look online for holiday destinations, direct holidays to Europe from the UK and low cost holidays.

These sites are going to allow you to save money on holiday extras like transportation, hotels and could possibly give you discounts and coupons for your summer holidays. Save money on the less important things, so that you can have more fun doing the MORE important things; shopping, eating, activities, and more!

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