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First off I want to say with a down economy it is very frustrating to try to find any job, let alone a job that pays good money. Well if you are willing to do things your mother told you never to do… you can make some serious money. If you become a webcam model, you can make from $500 – $2000 a week only working about part time. Wow how many people can say that! Webcam Modeling is not for eveyone, however if you are willing to give it a try you will be hooked on the money you can earn. I work for this great site called . To me they are the best site out their. Never any missed payments, great help and support when I need it. The best part of all is that you work from the comfort of your own home. I once worked for a site called internetmodeling, let me tell you how horrable that experience was. First of all they pay you pennies, and I think only one person works there her name is Jannet and she is the rudest lady I have ever talked to. I was concerned cause I was refering new models to them and none of them were getting approved, so I sent multipule emails asking why these models were not active yet. At first they told me it can take up to 2 weeks. After almost a month I sent more messages and once again asked why they were not active models yet. She called me up on my phone and started yelling at me about how they will get approved to work when she says they will and that she is my boss and I have to respect her. OMG I was so mad. After that I would never recomend that anyone work for them. Now I found this great Modeling Agency site. I strongly suggest that if your looking for adult work like this to check this site out.

Webcam Modeling

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