What are the Different Types of Fruit Juicing Machines?

There are different kinds of juicers for fruits and vegetables, and if you are planning on juicing for weight loss, there are some things you will want to know about the best juicers before you buy any brand in particular.

First of all, if you are juicing for health, the first thing you should know is that there is a type of extractor that is made specifically for people who are following a juicing diet. Mastication juicers are absolutely the best juicers if for people who are juicing for health. This type of juicing machine is ideal for the health conscious because it does not throw away all the valuable nutrients in the outer layer of the fruit or vegetable. Instead, it masticates or grinds these layers into an edible pulp which you can drink. The taste will be bitter to pleasantly sweet, if you are juicing for health. Mastication juicers can also be used as portable food processors.

If you are using an extractor just for the fun of drinking fresh fruit juice, then the best juicers for you are centrifugal juicers. This type of juicing machine is faster than the mastication juicer, but leaves more residue because it removes the outer layer of the fruit and vegetables it processes. One of the most attractive features of the centrifugal juicer is that it is very easy to clean, and is very fast to use. One problem with centrifugal juicers is that they are perfect for solid fruits, but will be problematic when you try to juice leafy vegetables, in which case you have to go back to the mastication juicer, which are the best machines for vegetables.

If you do not mind much about the amount of juice your machine extracts, you can go with the cheaper single gear juicers. They are more simply built than the previous two types of juicers, and they consume much less power than the other two. These are the best juicers when it comes to energy efficiency, and are reliable enough if you are only juicing fruits from time to time.

If you are looking for the best juicers whether you are juicing for weight loss or juicing for the fun of it, you can look for brands online and find feedback from buyers of the product. Set a budget for the fruit juicer, and select products that fit your budget. The price is one of the major factors that affect your choice, and you want to make this clear from the beginning. Consider also the frequency of you using the fruit juicer. If you think that you will use this ever day, it is probably best for you to choose one that has a good warranty.

Overall, you should consider the purpose of your juicer, whether you are going to use this as a health juicer, or as a regular juicer. You can always go for simple juicers which cost less than complicated types. You should also take into consideration the cleaning up of your juicer, and whether your juicer can be taken apart. Juicers can pose a real challenge to cleaning especially if they cannot be disassembled.

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