What Is the American Staffing Association’s Safety Standard of Excellence?

The Safety Standard of Excellence from the American Staffing Association and the National Safety Council is something you may have seen a business bragging about; however, not many people understand what the distinction means. Here is an explanation of what the award is, who gives it, and why it matters.

What Is the American Staffing Association?

The American Staffing Association has been the primary professional organization for the staffing industry since 1966. Its goals are to promote the field and its services to the American workforce through the following activities:

  • Political advocacy
  • Scientific research
  • Member and public education
  • Industry best practices

What Is the National Safety Council?

The goal of the National Safety Council is to prevent accidental deaths in all sectors of life. It is a non-profit, philanthropic organization that receives funding from donors and often partners with other organizations such as the ASA to fulfill its mission.

What Does the Safety Standard of Excellence Signify?

When the ASA and NSC award the Safety Standard of Excellence, it indicates that the company that earned it not only uses best practices to promote a culture of safety but also works to further improve its record. Thus, there is a good reason that staffing agencies brag about earning this distinction from these two reputable organizations.

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