What to Consider When Searching for a Logging Insurance Provider

The logging industry has unique requirements when it comes to business insurance. The most comprehensive logging insurance policies will cover liability claims, equipment and workers compensation in case an employee is injured on the job. Business owners are encouraged to review the various options offered by several providers to compare coverage limits, terms and discounts.

Logging equipment is often highly specialized and extremely expensive. Machine failure can be catastrophic because repair bills are costly and production stops until the repairs can be made. A good insurance policy will reimburse the business owner for repair expenses and offer compensation for lost work.

This type of insurance will cover equipment repairs and can be amended to provide reimbursement for rental costs. Renting a piece of equipment will cut down on the loss of production and help mitigate damages. Many insurance companies require that every piece of equipment be listed and not just the ones that cost the most.

Claims for damage are covered by liability insurance. This will cover any property damage or injury caused by crosscutting. Workers compensation is the portion of the policy that protects the business owner in the event a worker is injured while on the job.

There are many insurance providers who cater to the logging industry. Careful consideration of several providers is necessary to find the best policy. Always compare premiums and coverage limits when shopping for an insurance company. Be sure to inquire about discounts that may be offered for Master Logger status.

Business owners in need of insurance are urged to use various online sources to gather information that will help in their negotiations with insurance providers.

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