When Choosing Custom Aquariums

When choosing custom aquariums you will need to decide if you are going to keep freshwater or marine fish. There are many factors involved in setting up your fish tank and water quality is probably the most important.

Freshwater fish are usually immersed in water coming from the domestic supply. This has obviously been treated with a view to human consumption. Your fish will have started the acclimatizing process in the dealer’s tanks. Most adapt quite easily with the exception of some specialized species that are more sensitive to the makeup of the water.

The ph of the water will usually be tested to determine if it is acidic or alkaline. The DH is also checked to see if the water is soft or hard. The water in freshwater custom aquariums should be in range of 6.5 to 7.5 i.e. slightly acidic to neutral. Marine fish prefer it to be somewhere between 7.8 and 8.5 i.e. slightly more alkaline. It is best to use a custom kit to get the right type of water particularly when you are a novice.

In addition to the water quality you also need to get the lighting right in custom aquariums. Light allows you to see into the fish tank to check all is ok. It also stimulates the fish into activity and allows any other living species to thrive. However if the algae is overtaking the tank you are probably using too much light.

Custom aquariums will usually have inbuilt heaters but it does depend on your requirements. If you own a number of tanks and store them in the same space it may be cheaper to heat the entire room than each individual aquarium. Finally you may want to add in some shelters into your fish tanks as not every fish wants to spend its days swimming around in circles.

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