Where To Buy Rare Earth Magnets

Do you know what kind of material is used to manufacture things like a touch screen for a modern communication device such as a iPad or smart phone? Or, as an other example, what facilitates the high rate of screen refreshes necessary in an HD TV screen? Modern technology advances at a breath taking pace and one reason for this are so-called rare earth metals. In theory you could find these in your own garden, but in such a low concentration that it wouldn’t be worth digging for them. That is the reason they got the name for, their concentration is so low, that they are truly rare despite being found in many places. Companies that as themselves where to buy rare earth magnets will need to understand the history of technology and development involved.


In the USA rare earth magnets and metals were first used during the 50s, most of the time in uncommon devices such as space rockets or for radar appliances. As the TV become more and more popular and affordable for the wider masses, the need for this kind of magnets increased dramatically. In the mid 80s other nations worldwide started also to mine this kind of metals and especially China become quick a big player in this market.

So if a company asks itself today where to buy rare earth magnets, chances are that they are more looking towards the Chinese than the US-American market. If the development continues like this, it is very probable that China controls soon 99% of the world market for rare earths.

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