Why A Secure Console Server Is So Important For Protecting Your Network

Since the invention of computers there have been people attempting to pull computer scams and various other forms of fraud. Computers are a phenomenal resource that have the ability to transform the operations of any business, by helping it to remain current with developing technology. There are, however, several dangers that business owners should be aware of. For example, it is important to never neglect maintaining a secure console server which could result in unauthorized entities accessing your network. Additionally, being aware of the more popular scams that exist can help you to protect your business.

First, Nigerian internet fraud, also known as 419 fraud, uses email communication. This same scam once used regular mail communication before email became popular. The letters that are sent tell recipients that the sender is in possession of a considerable sum of money that must be smuggled outside of the country. Typically, this company is Nigeria, hence, the name of the scam. The sender then requests banking information so that the money can be transferred to the recipient of the letter and they will receive a portion of the money for cooperating. In truth, however, the sender wants to steal the recipient’s money.


Without a secure console server to restrict unauthorized access, it is possible for an individual to hack into your network and access banking and other personal information. Knowing that they cannot trick you into providing this information, they can still it instead. Technicians are able to gain remote access to your server when you have a secure console server, but fraudulent individuals may not.

Alternatively, some fraudulent individuals will attempt to install viruses that have the ability to steal your personal and banking information and then relay it back to them. This is done through an email correspondence, sites for social networking, or by simply clicking the wrong link.

A secure console server can help you avoid the three major scams that are being run right now. Virus protection programs and a firewall will help to this end as well.

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