Why Exterior Painting Prep Is Necessary For Appropriate House Restoration

Exterior painting could be a fun job to take on by helping the outer surface of your home feel more hospitable in the neighborhood. It can be a way to express yourself and let your home remain unique by means of a paint representation that you decide on. There are a few very important preparatory actions to take into account before you start the exterior home painting to attain the perfect results.

As you start to prepare

You would want to spray the exterior down completely to remove dirt and stain; this is best achieved with a power washer that offers a minimum of 2500 PSI. While you are power, washing it is a good idea to go over the house with a bleach solution formulated to eliminate mold and mildew. Both of these exist and increase in dark areas, which is what you will provide when you paint over them.

The next step you must do to complete is a wasp inspection, look for live insects but more importantly their nests. Exterior painting usually means ladder work and you do not want to encounter these nasty bugs while you’re in that position. Their stings hurt something fierce and while on a ladder they could be deadly.

Now that you have cleared the wasps and dirt, you’ll have to scrape any loose paint. Watch cautiously for places that are shedding or bubbled and eliminate them before you start painting. You might have to sand in order to provide a smooth surface for fresh paint.

It is possible that you’ll have some new wood to cover; certain places may need repairing with raw wood. In this case,you will need to remember to ready the new pieces before you begin your exterior home-painting work. By skipping this step would result in patches where the paint is lighter or wood bleeds through, which would in turn take additional coats to provide uniform color.

Once you’ve gotten that completed you then need to fill in the cracks that might appear in the exterior of the home. You must use a top grade caulk that is highly flexible in case the home settles. This can also help improve the overall look of the final paint job. If possible allow a few hours to let the caulk dry before you start your house painting job. At this point in the process, you’re ready to fill all cracks that have appeared in the exterior. The best substance for this is a high-grade caulk with a great deal of flexibility, just in case your house continues to settle. Filling these holes and cracks should provide a more durable-finished look to your exterior. Most of the time you will need to allow the caulk time to dry before begining your house painting project. Your next area of preperation will involve filling cracks or holes in the siding of your house. It is essential to the finished look of your house to fill these completely with a high-grade caulk. High grade caulk is very flexible and should not dislodge if your house settles later. Since caulk takes a few hours to dry, you should not start your house painting project until it is dry

Some older homes have glaze window panes and before you could keep on with your house painting these places would have to be dealt with. Glaze panes have an impact on how your house looks and help by means of insulation. It is not a difficult process however once the repairs are complete you will need to set aside the area alone for a solid week to ensure appropriate putty settings. The good news is you could still paint the rest of the house; as long as you skip these places, then return to the windows 7 days later.

Like real house painters, just before you get ready for the exterior painting you need to do just 1 more thing. Walk around the home and be sure you cover up the entire exterior equipment. These include the different lights on the walls, windows, and door handles. Having paint on these will require additional cleanup that could be prevented by simply covering them.

Unless you’re planning on adding the deck to your painting, you must cover it with a tarp. This way overspray will not end up on it and extend your exterior home painting job. From this point you will also need to cover all walkways with a tarp to stop paint overspray from staining them. It can be difficult to eliminate it after the fact.

After all this has been done, you’re now all set to start the paint application. These are correctly completed by a painting contractor, but with the extra preparation you have completed you’ve increased the worth of the paint job and the appearance of the home. By protecting certain areas you have also reduced the amount of clean up you’ll have to do at the very end.

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