Why Get A Michigan Insurance?

Owning a condo in Michigan is a costly affair. You have to pay extravagant fees to your condo association that covers overhead costs and property maintenance. Along with this, the dues you pay monthly to your association include the Michigan insurance. Michigan insurance is an insurance policy categorized under master association. The master association insurance allows you to purchase or refinance a condo without the need of showing insurance proof. Here’s how a master association insurance works and how you can improve your insurance coverage.


Master association insurance covers only the owner’s liability, the common areas of the condo complex and the building structure itself. It does not include personalized coverage. This means that the base structure of your Condo unit such as support beams are covered by the master association insurance as they are needed to rebuild the condo complex as a whole in the event of fire, earthquake and other untoward incidents. It does not cover interior damage in your condo and you have to spend money to restore your condo unit into its former glory and restoring a condo unit costs a great deal of money. There is an insurance policy called Condo unit insurance that covers just about anything outside of what a masters association insurance covers.

Having a condo policy covers everything inside your condo unit including your belongings, flooring, drywall, cabinetry and other fixtures. The degree of coverage for a condo policy insurance varies according to how much you are willing to regularly pay for the premium of the insurance. The more expensive the premium of the condo policy, the more extensive the insurance coverage is.

Since a condo owner’s insurance covers your belongings it is wise that you should catalog everything from your kitchen equipments, home furniture, bedroom accessories and other appliances. Take a tour of your home while carrying a video camera and keep the receipts of the items you purchased to show as proof of existence or ownership to your insurance company.

Get a Michigan insurance as soon as you purchased a condo unit in Michigan. With Michigan insurance, your properties are protected inside and out.

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