Why Pipes Made Of Briar Burls Are Most Popular

If you are new to the world of pipe smoking, you cannot walk into your local smoke shop and pick the most appealing pipe. The process of picking a smoking pipe is much more involved than just looks. The shape, size, and material the pipe is made of will all affect your smoking experience. There are nine distinct types of smoking pipes available on the market. The most popular type of pipe available is the briar pipe. Smoking briar pipes are most popular because they are durable and resistant to fire damage. If you are comparing the benefits of each type of pipe, consider the advantages and disadvantages of the briar pipe and make a wise investment.

Advantages of Briar Burl Pipes


Briar pipes are made out of burl, the root of the White Heath Tree. The root is known for its tough and porous qualities. Burl is also nearly impervious to heat, meaning it will not damage easily. The older the burl used in the briar pipe the better. Fine quality briar pipes use burl that is between 50 and 100 years old.

If you buy a fine briar pipe you can appreciate a number of different benefits when you are smoking pipe tobacco. The older the briar, the more durable the pipe. Smoking briar pipes that are made of burl that has been aged between 100 and 200 years are the best on the market. These pipes are tough and will last your entire lifetime if they are maintained properly. When you are lighting your pipe, it will not be damaged by a torch lighter because burl is so resistant. Another benefit many pipe smokers overlook when shopping for pipes is the fact that briar smoking pipes can absorb moisture. This means you will experience a clean smoke each and every time you puff.

Disadvantages of Briar Pipes

Just because burl has its obvious benefits does not mean that it is perfect. Whenever you find advantages, you will always find disadvantages. One disadvantage of burl is that it takes a long time to break in. You will have to smoke with the pipe several times before the pipe is really seasoned. The process of cleaning and maintaining your pipe will take effort. While these are definitely disadvantages, most smokers believe that these pipes are worth the extra effort.

Before you choose a pipe made of briar burls you should research other types of pipes available. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of each type of pipe and make sure you consider what is most important to you. If you believe smoking briar pipes are best for you, shop for your pipes online and find a pipe that suits your style and personality.

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