Why Professionals Removed Temp From Their Vocabulary

Fields, industries, and businesses are constantly evolving, including professional language. Temps, among other terms, is one of the words that professionals have decided to remove from their workplace vocabulary. 

Defining Temp

The word “temp” is short for temporary. In short, temps are temporary employees that businesses hire. Temporary employment is a working arrangement that is viable for a short period of time and caters to the needs of the company or organization. Many companies prefer to hire temporary employees since they are more cost-effective than keeping an employee on staff for the long term. 

Some businesses hire temps to cover employee absences due to illness or vacations. Additionally, others will hire temporary employees if their business’s workload unexpectedly becomes more demanding.

Temps as an Outdated Term 

The word temp is no longer used to refer to temporary employees since the term has developed a negative connotation, and for good reason. Temporary employees often find themselves in one-sided professional relationships. In other words, temps often receive heavy workloads and do not reap the benefits of being a full-time employees. Since temporary work is more cost-effective for companies, businesses will sometimes take advantage of temporary workers. 

While temporary employment is not a bad thing, companies can make temporary work more desirable by treating all employees with care. 

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