Why You Need A Remote Control Power Switch

A remote control power switch enables you to turn a computer off and on even when you are located at a great distance from it. Having a remote control power switch set up is a good idea because it will enable you to do much more with the network that you have.

By using a remote control power switch you will have the ability to turn your computer on and off no matter where you go by cutting the power and turning it back on again. This is a helpful ability to have if you are at home and you need to get the office computer rebooted again. This will save you from having to get into your car and driving downtown. Imagine the convenience of rebooting your office system from the comfort of your home.


A reboot is often required because it is a good way to solve many computer problems. Sometimes a computer that has been used continuously for a long time develops glitches that are removed when the computer is shut down and rebooted. This allows all the systems to get themselves reorganized and functioning properly. It is much more convenient to do this from home so that rebooting does not interfere with the usability of your computer during office hours. Reboots are also necessary after the installation of a new piece of software.

Using the remote control power switch lets you control this process of rebooting so that it happens at a time when it does not inconvenience your office. Instead you can do it from home and the next day your office computer will be ready to go when you come in.

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