Wireless Remote Power Switch

A wireless remote power switch can let you turn a device in a different location off and on. This functionality is extremely handy when someone needs to reboot a computer at a remote location. It can also be used to make sure you have turned the oven or hotplate off, although this usage is far less common. A person who uses a gas stove still needs to go back and check to see if it is on or not.


The user does not have to thing long about what the benefits of such a switch are. He can use the switch to force shut downs remotely or turn the electricity for a building on before the workers will come in for each day. The switches allow the workers to spend less time dealing with the electricity and more time engaging in the core functions.

The switch works for computers as well. It does not have all the functions of a computer, but it can save energy. The only thing a user has to be careful of is knowing that he cannot take the server rooms down even if he wants to. There’s no need to make the uninterruptible power supplies in your server saves time and money.

The set up of the power switch does not require any wires. It does require a control mechanism, but this usually uses radio frequencies. There is a limit to how far these switches can transfer their signal. If the users is out of the range, the switch will not work.

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