Work From Anywhere With The TCP IP Power Switch

You can work from anywhere with a few simple tools that are now easily available. If you employ a TCP IP power switch, you can control power functions on your remote computer at home or at the office. You just need the right wireless card and a software program that will allow you to run another computer remotely.

The card allows you to access another computer through the Internet without a cord or cable connection. Most laptops come with such a card already installed. If it does not, it is easy to install it yourself or have the work done at a computer supplier.


The TCP IP power switch gives you the ability to power up a remote computer at the flip of a switch. If you connect to the computer, you must first restart it, and this can be easily done with your switch.

You then need a portal program installed on both computers. This allows you to access the other computer to access programs remotely. You can work from anywhere with this benefit, even access information from your smart phone or other mobile device.

The portal program and TCP IP power switch make it possible for you to work your office computer from your laptop very easily. You can access any information on the remote computer, including security programs, so you can monitor your home or office while away. This makes it possible for you to work from home or while traveling, and can be a tremendous benefit that saves you time and money and makes work more convenient.

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