Wrought Iron Railings Compared To Wooden Railings

If your home has a staircase or a patio you should ensure that there is a railing provided as a form of protection against slipping and falling. Many new manufacturing techniques have created new ways of installing railing systems for the home. When you are deciding which railing system to install you need to think about the issues of design, safety and durability. For many homeowners the choice is between getting wooden rails and wrought iron railings. When you compare the advantages and the disadvantages of each time you will be in a better position to make the right choice for your home.


Wood is a very popular material used to make decks and railings and many other structures. It is a traditional material that has been used all over the world for thousands of years. If you are planning to make your deck railing out of wood you should be aware that not all wood is going to be suitable for this use. Some kinds of wood are able to avoid rotting and insects while others do not have this ability. Wood has the advantage that you can paint it and stain it to match the look of your house. One big disadvantage with wood is that at some point it will have to be replaced. It will also require maintenance such as painting from time to time.

Wrought iron railings are popular because they will last a very long time with hardly any maintenance required. Wrought iron railings will stand up to all sorts of adverse weather without suffering serious damage. These rails are available in many beautiful patterns that will compliment the look of your home. The main disadvantage of wrought iron railings is the cost. It will cost more to install because it will need an experienced professional.

Before you make the final decision about which kind of railings to buy, check out the cost of wrought iron railings and wooden rails as well by going to local stores and looking online.

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